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The Yoroshiku Story

Owner Keisuke Kobayashi & head chef Koichi Homma

Born and raised in Sapporo, co-owner Keisuke Kobayashi first experienced Seattle as a student in 2006. After falling in love with the Emerald City, his heart guided him back to Japan and into the restaurant industry. During the next four years, Keisuke learned his most valuable lesson as a chef:

make food from your

In 2012, Keisuke decided to open a traditional Japanese restaurant in Seattle. After recruiting childhood friend Koichi Homma, who brings with him decades of culinary experience — Yoroshiku was born.

Yoroshiku illuminates an often overlooked side of Japanese cuisine, showing Seattle that there is much more than teriyaki and sushi. Offering a modern take on the traditional izakaya, combined with time-honored ramen from the Hokkaido region, Yoroshiku aims to provide a memorable dining experience for all.